12 Feb 2018

Hydrocоloids in food

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The term “hydrocoloids” covers polysaccharides and proteins, which are widely used in various industries. With their help, it is possible to cause thickening and gelation of aqueous solutions, stabilize foam, emulsions and suspensions, slow down or make it impossible to crystallize ice and sugar, enhance flavor, etc.

Hydrocaloids are divided into these of botanical, microbial and animal origin and received from algae.

In recent years, these ingredients have become popular in the food industry. Despite the fact that their concentration in the products does not exceed 1%, they affect the texture and organoleptic properties of the products. Our company offers a whole series of such ingredients as agar-agar, pectin, gelatin, milk serum, etc.

Agar-agar is a hydrocoloid that forms stable gels. It is obtained by extraction from red algae. This homogenized dry product is odorless in the form of powder and flakes with high gel strength, it dissolves well in water and can be used for a wide range of pH (from 5 to 8), it has the properties of thermal reversibility, absorbs and retains odors. It can be used in the confectionery industry (for making marmalade, souffle etc.), diary industry (the consistency of the finished product in yoghurts, to stabilize the structure and consistency of ice cream), meat industry (to reduce the fat content), canning (to stabilize the product).

Pectin – a substance of plant origin – is made by extraction from apple and citrus fruits. It is a very useful food additive, widely used during a diet, for removing heavy metals from the body, reducing cholesterol, etc.

Pectins are divided into apple, citrus, citrus-apple, and with the different level of esterification (SE) they are highly etherified (WE) with SE more than 50% and low-esterified (NE) with SE less than 50%.

WE-pectins are used as a means of gelation in the manufacture of products (jams, fruit fillers for milk drinks, desserts, confectionery) with a CP content of more than 55% and a pH of about 3.0, as well as stabilizers for opaque drinks, fruit juices, dietary food and medicines.

NE-pectins are used to gel products with reduced sugar content. They can form jelly with less concentrated solutions and at a wider pH range (jams with low sugar content, additives for yogurt, cream cheese, ketchup, protein stabilizers in sour milk drinks and yoghurts). In practice, the choice of the appropriate type of pectin depends on the amount of CP, pH, consistency and temperature of the spill.

Product Milei 80 is a naturally occurring water soluble serum protein concentrate made from fresh whey in the course of air drying. It is a high-quality dietary protein product with many functional properties: water binding, emulsification, viscosity, gel formation. Due to the diverse combination of protein fractions, Milei serums can be used in children’s and dietary food, in the dairy industry, in the production of delicatessen products, confectionery, bakery products and meat products.